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Opening Ivory Thread has been a labour of love and now it has finally become a reality for you to experience.

My boutique is set up to wow you from the moment you walk in with its modern, comfortable and private environment.

It is so important to me that every bride and their guests feel comfortable and welcome in my space - as if you were popping into a friend's house for tea. 


You will be styled by myself, a very experienced, skilled and passionate stylist. I will be able to offer suggestions, I will fit the gowns to you with expert pinning and help you navigate through the process of finding “the one”.

Finding the perfect dress is not always clear and that's okay.


You and your loved ones will have the store to yourselves and we won’t be in a rush with a 90 minute experience.

I offer longer appointments so you can really enjoy your time at Ivory Thread with a drink and enough time to properly explore your options and my exquisite collection.


I had the best experience with Gemma at Ivory Thread!! By far the best experience at a bridal store that I've had. I was completely drawn in by the stunning store and the warmth and friendliness of beautiful Gemma when my mum, sister and I were walking past on her opening day (completely unplanned and meant to be I think). Gemma is beyond knowledgeable, warm, down to earth and importantly, has created a stunning collection of luxury gown from all over the world that look so so expensive but are so reasonably priced I actually did not think it was real! There was also accessories and options to each look I tried that I loved. I can't wait to go back and do measurements and get the next step of the process started.
Thanks Gemma and all the best with you amazing store!


I've been wanting to keep Gemma as my own little secret but more brides deserve to know about her!! Not only were we completely stunned by all the dresses available (honestly wanted to try them ALL - its such a beautifully curated collection), but the space was stunning as well! And of course, the absolute best part was Gemma herself - so warm, kind and supportive but also so knowledgeable and helpful in all things bridal - dresses, accessories, styling, the whole aesthetic. I was anxious in the lead up to dress shopping but shopping with Gemma at Ivory Thread was more than I could've ever hoped for - what a truly beautiful experience. I am stunned!!


After going to many bridal boutiques around Melbourne I can safely say my experience at Ivory Thread was nothing short of phenomenal. I’m lucky to have met Gemma who helped me find the perfect dress. She is kind & sincere; and her passion for styling / the bridal industry absolutely shines through. All the gowns are carefully curated by Gemma herself, and they reflect her impeccable taste. And unlike other boutiques, her appointments are 90 mins so the whole experience was really pleasantly relaxed, private and not rushed at all. Plenty of time to browse and try on gowns.

Ivory Thread is indeed a labor of love and it is palpable - from the beautiful space, the gorgeous gowns and Gemma’s hospitality. I felt welcomed & comfortable, and as mentioned on her website, “as if you were popping into a friend’s house for tea”.

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